Fiberglass pools

We have chosen to install only fiberglass pools due to several reasons to other type of pools (concrete, or liner type)

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pool properties:

  • Fiberglass is manufactured in controlled environment
  • Crack resistance, flexible, one piece , less chemical usage, pet friendly non scratch able, no need to paint or change liner.
  • Limited size (so far max 16×44) due to transport
  • We offer all size and depth for the need of your residence.
  • The cost of Fiberglass pool is by 35% less than concrete which you do not have to worry for cracks or rough finish inside, or repainting every 3-4 years.
  • No do not worry about floating or popping out of ground. Floating or popping happens to all type of pools if lacks drainage, you could google pool floationg out of ground and see that this happens even to concrete pools. We install Fiberglass pools with geotextile on all surface with ½ net stone all around to increase drainage, in addition to vertical relief well. In some case permanent pomp is required.
  • As for finishing around you could have any surface you wish.
  • Also we could integrate massage jets in siting area, and water features around.

Fiberglass Pool Projects

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