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Concrete Work

Concrete mixerWe do concrete garage floors, colour concrete driveways, walkways, stair case, structural balcony, patios, retaining walls, and concrete border to retain your driveway, 4 to 5 times longer than basic borders.

Our concrete slabs are minimum 5.5 inches and in majority of the case it is Monolith on both sides. It is deeper at the edge minimum 10 inches on sides for walkways, slabs, or floating garage floors. All concrete works are floating (means moves with frost movement) it is well drained with proper ¾ net stone of other means. As a result, construction joints, expansion joints are important to control random hair line cracks.

Our concrete is well reinforced to give strength, prevent shifting, and separation. Columns of concrete (Sono-tubes) are used to stabilise our stair case, and or structural slabs. In important and special cases we use pre-fabricated reinforced concrete supports to support our structural slabs or load bearing sections. These supports are installed below frost level. 80 to 90% of our work is concrete or masonry work for extra strength and longer life span.

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